Welcome To Holiday Valley Nature Resorts

Adventure on wheels

If you're looking for terrains to explore on your bike or four-wheeler, look no further. Holiday Valley calls all daredevils on wheels.

Tents provided

Round-the-clock security

Food provided

Off the road. On the trail.

Holiday Valley is the perfect destination for your four-wheeling adventures. From rocky to sandy to muddy, the 1200-acre property has different terrains for you to put your off-roading skills to test. The resort also has many other adventure and recreation opportunities to make your trip worthwhile.

A refreshing break for bikers

Does the open road beckon you for a good, long ride every weekend? Bring your biker gang to Holiday Valley. The resort is conveniently located for you to converge and grab a bite or rest awhile. The resort has many terrains to try your biking stunts on. We have camping sites for you to pitch a tent in or if you so wish, luxurious rooms are available for the night.