Hogenekkal falls

A day at the Niagara waterfalls of India

Hogenakkal, one of South India’s most popular tourist destinations, is just 60 km away from Holiday Valley. For our guests, we offer transportation facility to visit the place and come back to Holiday Valley.

2-nights stay at Holiday Valley

Complimentary breakfast

Air-conditioned car

Easy to access

Hogenakkal is just 146 km away from Bangalore and 345 km from Chennai. The waterfall is on Kaveri River in Dharmapuri district in Tamilnadu. Hogenakkal is one of those rare places you could go to where the journey itself is as enjoyable as the destination.

A road trip to Hogenakkal gets you to sample the best that Indian countryside can offer. The greenery, the unending roads, wayside eateries and quaint villages will reacquaint you with a much simpler lifestyle.

A magical sight

'Hoge' means 'smoke' and 'Kal' means 'rock' in Kannada. Hogenakkal falls quite literally looks like smoky rocks and is a visual delight.

The coracle ride is a must-do activity at Hogenakkal. Coracles are small, circular boats traditionally used in the area. They are made of bamboo and the bottoms are water-proof. You could also go for a swim in the cool waters.

Hogenakkal is also famous for its medicinal oils. A traditional Ayurvedic massage can do much to revive your body and spirits.


Fascinating wildlife

Thought you have to travel hundreds of miles away from the city to catch a glimpse of wildlife? Then you have not been to Anchetty forests.

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Complimentary breakfast

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Jumbo dose of fun

Anchetty is famous for its hills, greenery and elephant sightings. Though the place makes you feel like you have come miles away from civilisation, Anchetty is just an hour’s drive away from Bangalore.

A fun day in the wild

The charms of Anchetty is easily accessible from Holiday Valley and a day trip can be arranged from the resort. There are excellent roads leading up to the forest and there are scenic views all along the way.